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eBook v2.0

This is the ebook conversion of the second printing of the Black Blade Publishing/Usherwood Publishing A5 of the OSRIC SRD. Includes treasure gp values, as well as all Knights-n-Knaves Ale House errata through January 2013.

RC (release candidate) testing: 09/05/13

eBook is complete! Having combed through the thing one last time this morning, I have posted the RC1 (release candidate) on the Usherwood blog. At this point, I need as many people as possible, on as many different devices as possible, to go through and bash the content for anything and everything. I think I caught all the issues, but that's the thing; I *think* I caught everything.

If you alert me to performance issues (slow loading, missing/non-displayed content, over-lapping content, whatever) make sure to let me know what device you are looking at it on. I have been testing the file on Adobe Digital Editions 2 on Mac, iBook on an iPad 2, Kindle Viewer on Mac, and Kindle Previewer on Mac.

I would like to give credit to all ebook testers on the Contributors page. So anyone who has provided feedback from the Alpha version on will see their name under the listing “ebook Testers.”

Beta testing: 08/28/13

This release is now complete in terms of formatting and graphics. I have all the artwork that was included in the A5 trim size of the POD book. As opposed to converting the tables to graphics, I opted to leave them all as live text, in order to leave the text within the tables discoverable (see my comments about the Index below). A new cover has been designed to include both the treatments for the Black Blade Publishing hardbound and the Usherwood Publishing A5 versions (I'm thinking this will help readers understand that this ebook compliments both of those products). I did not include the Lists of Spells, Monsters, and Magic Items, as this information is tagged in the ebook directory, so it just seemed kind of redundant. Have included the Index of Tables in the back matter though as I feel this will remain a valuable navigation aid. As ebook readers will allow the user to search the text of book, I felt that keeping the Index, again, was redundant information. So, this too was removed.

As you review this release, please note a few elements that I am still working on;

  • I am still going through as replacing some of the special characters with their HTML entity code (the Æ ligature, for instance, needs to be coded as Æ to ensure it will appear correctly in all devices). The delay to this process is the quotation marks, which I have to be careful about so that I do not replace the quotes that need to appear in the XHTML mark-up. I hate straight hash marks (") when it comes to to quotes, and much prefer the curly typographer’s quotes (”).
  • The hyperlinks within the Index of Tables is in-progress, and this is going to take some time to complete (I am estimating perhaps 2 or 3 days).
  • Cross-references within the book need to be set up, and I have done a couple of these. Basically, I am going to have to actually read the book to catch all these instances.
  • The ebook is not yet validated against W3C checks. I am not going to bother with that until everything else is done.

It’s 95% there! Keep sending in the great feedback.

Alpha testing: 08/23/13

This initial release, though content-complete, is not a final version reflecting correct formatting and validated XHTML structure. The purpose of making this Alpha release is to test the usability of tables as graphics vs. live HTML tables.

eBook v1.0

To provide feedback, please email the epub creator at jim.kramer@jdkds.com. Please provide the following information when submitting feedback; email address, epub reader being used, operating system, and screen resolution. Please provide screen captures of the issue(s) if possible and relevant to the issue. Check back periodically for updates;

Free Adventures

High-Adventure from Middle-School

Usherwood Publishing has spared all expenses to present to you this line of 'classic' First Edition and OSRIC™ compatible fantasy-based roleplaying game adventure modules. We haven't even bothered to type-set the manuscript, because really, why bother? These adventures may not be good for your matured sense of high-adventure, but they should be good for a laugh or two.

Return with us to the good 'ol days when 'plot' was just a four-letter word that stood between you and the treasure.

The Gems of Fire pits your band of adventurers against a dungeon filled with a series of disjointed and unrelated encounters in pursuit of the legendary Gems of Fire. What are these gems? Really, we have no clue. The manuscript doesn't really address that detail. But, Hey! it makes a darned good title, don't it!?


Into the Halls Mystery places a band of intrepid adventurers upon the path to uncover a dragon's treasure hoard. On the way, the heroes will encounter a collection of adversaries from human, to the dragon-like race of abishai, to a new, dangerously flatulent OGC creature; the dreaded 'bellymonster'.

The Halls of Mystery PDF: CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

The Lost Atoll of the Bleu Dragon sends the adventurers in the quest for a dragon's treasure, and the mysteries of an ancient island, where unknown mysteries, treasures, and dangers await.

The Lost Atol pf the Bleu Dragon PDF: CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

Zor Draxtau

Issue No. 1 the feral zombie, the Spire of Xau, and an editorial on OSR product design.


Issue No. 2 creature from The Shadowed Keep, and the role of the archetypical player character classes within the Usherwood Adventures setting.


Issue No. 3 OGC creatures from Valen'cya's Hoorde, more details on Xerksis the mage-king, and part 1 of a tutorial on adding color to black-and-white line art.


RPG Utilities

First Edition Sword Creator Excel™ spreadsheet for quickly creating magical swords, using the tables from the First Edition DMG.


First Edition Treasure Generator Excel™ spreadsheet for generating treasure hoards based on the treasure tables from the First Edition Monster Manual.

Treasure Generator XLS: CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

Game Master Adventure Log forms-activated PDF file for tracking your group's progress in a given adventure. Requires Adobe Reader™ 8.0 or later.


Player Character Reference Sheet forms-activated PDF file for recording your character's important data. Requires Adobe Reader™ 8.0 or later.

Player Character Reference Sheet PDF: CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

A5 Player Character Reference Sheet forms-activated PDF file for recording your character's important data; sized at A5 (approximately 5¾×8¼ inches). Requires Adobe Reader™ 8.0 or later.

A5 Player Character Reference Sheet PDF: CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


The Setting

Usherwood Publishing